To better meet your needs and requirements, PECAN Partners brings together different companies and consultants to offer a complete range of solutions.
We are also partnered with several associations and professional groups.

CarMedialab is a company expert in R&D and innovation in the fields of embedded telematics devices and software solution, charge management system for electric vehicle (passenger cars and public transport / e-buses), ISO 15118 and OCPP software stacks, DC fast charging, V2G, induction charging, smart charging and smartgrids…

DEVEXTER Business Development

DEVEXTER Business Development is a consulting company specialized in B2B commercial development in an industrial environment, with a strong expertise in the automotive sector, OE equipment supplying within intercultural technical-commercial relationships.

Genaris Group

Based on a cluster model, Genaris Group operates within a multidisciplinary organization and a common industrial platform.

Composed of small and medium sized companies, bringing together experts, Genaris Group combines reactivity and complementarity to support design teams in the realization of their innovation and development projects.

Eric Le Gendre

Eric Le Gendre is a consulting expert in advising business leaders. He is also very involved in disruptive strategy conception, “game changing”, operational growth. Eric is also expert in mentoring and effective networking.

Noovo Consulting

Noovo Consulting LLC is our partner for North America. Noovo helps companies and organizations looking at innovation the future to look beyond their existing product and service portfolios. Noovo then supports them in defining what could become their next strategic evolution.


ALTER-D-F GmbH is our parner for german-speaking countries. Search for new customers, suppliers or business partners. ALTER-D-F offer irs French-German expertise to remove barrieres and support your projects on long term.

LEMI Consulting

LEMI Consulting is our partner specialized in Automotive Electrical & Electronic Architectures with more than 30 years of experience in Engineering and Project Management, innovation, cost reduction programs, in key account management and quality management. LEMI Consulting brings its expertise in strengthening R&D skills, improving performance, project management and quality.

French Society of Automotive Engineers

Since 1927, the French Society of Automotive Engineers (SIA) brings together all the specialists and enthusiasts of the automotive industry and its technologies. Car and component manufacturers, Engineering consultancies, start-ups, SME-SMI, Precompetitive R&D clusters, Universties and Research Centers.

The SIA’s goal is to encourage the development and knowledge sharing by engineers, managers and technicians of French or French-based companies and major groups in the automotive sector and mobility of the future.

Next Move / MOV'EO

Competitivty cluster is dedicated to the new mobilities and is specialized in R&D focused on automotive and mobility.

Since 2066, Next Move has been mobilizing all its energies in the service of its members to meet assigned objectives: to promote the development of collaborative projects and business among its members, to contribue to the development of companies in the regions, in particular SMEs and driving innovation in the sector.

Think Smartgrids

Founded in April 2015, Think Smartgrids aims to develop the Inteligent Electricity Networks (REI) industry in France and promote it in Europe and abroard.