PECAN Partners has a transversal expertise in motorsport acquired in Formula 1, in international, European and national championships within endurance races, single-seter championships, FIA-Gt championships asphalt & gravel rally championships, WRC, new technologies and Formula-e.

Our expert are able to support and advise your company from the strategic thinking phase to the operational phase of your investement and your activities within motorsport.

Our positioning is to bring you all our expertise to make your investement in racing an efficient leverage tool to develop your business, increase your brand awareness, maximize your return on investment.

Expertises & services

  • Engagement strategy, partnership exploitation
  • Top management advising and support
  • Market analysis
  • Support for the negotiation (contracts & partnerships)
  • Marketing, communication, PR (public relations) strategies
  • R&D & innovation
  • Sourcing / procurement
  • Business devleopment & retail

products & services

  • Market studies
  • Strategic consulting
  • Engineering and technical studies
  • Orgnization, production process and manufacturing 
  • Quality audit
  • Lean Management / 5S

clients profiles

  • Automotive manufacturers
  • Racing / Motorsport departments
  • Automotive equipment suppliers
  • Tire manufacturers
  • Racing championship promoters
  • Sports federations
  • Sponsors, partners & medias
  • Engineering companies
  • Racing team and drivers

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