With the target to reduce CO2 emission, hydrogen presents itself as an energy with high potential in the context of new mobilities.

This technology best preserves the architecture of a thermal vehicle, the integration of a fuel cell and its implications perfectly matchs to the expertise offered by PECAN Partners and its partners.

PECAN Partners is able to support you in your projects of development of a new vehicles and conversion (retrofit) internal combustion to hydrogen fuel cells stacks.


  • Vehicle mission profile (usages)
  • Vehicle integration
  • Project management
  • Sourcing & supplier evaluation



Our Engineering partner is a specialist in structural lightering and the development of performance solutions.

Our partner provides the automotive industry with solutions that maximize the use of mateirals, thereby helping to reduce fossil fuels consumption.

Our Engineering partner has brought together within its structure a set of competencies, including:

  • Audit & consulting, morphological analysis
  • Integrated design office
  • Provision of technical documentation