Business Developpement

PECAN Partners can lead for your sales activities in a country your company is not settled, or as an outsourced management resource for your local teams, we are able to manage your sales force, build and / or manage your sales and distribution strategy wether in B2B, B2D, and B2C sales activities.

PECAN Partners are able to elaborate your business development strategy in collaboration with your management team, in France, Germany and several European countries.

We ensure the commercial representation of foreign companies in selected countries. In addition, we can provide to your company, market analysis, marketing intelligence, commercial prospective, sales negotiation, lobbying services, contractualization, billing follow-up and also support for the operational deploiyment of contracts signed with your clients.


PECAN Partners experts support large companies, mid-caps and SMEs in their strategic thinking phase. We regularly collaborate with consulting and strategy firms such as Oliver WYMAN  on behalf of French CAC40 and international groups.

Our added value is to bring a very pragmatic vision focused on generating value for your company. 

We can operate on following themes:

  • Analysis of competitive offers, benchmarking
  • Study of technological development, and end-users expectation
  • Launch of new product and services
  • Diversification and conquest of new markets
  • Structuring or reorganization of a sales and / or marketing department


Our knowledge of differents markets and sectors of activity allows us to build studies that specifically respond to your topic and your aims. Our network of partners and experts gives us access to qualitative and quantitative data, to high-level contacts to lead interviews.

Our methodology is based on a rational approach to audi and analysis your market, your products and services and also your competitors. Secondly, this allows us to build with your managers and operational teams, a pragmatic action plan ready for deployment and which corresponds exactly to your company’s needs and its DNA.

SALES & marketing POLICY

Each country and market operated with its own unique features and required you to adapt your product and services offers.

Based on studies (carried out by our teams or by third party), we will be able to advise and support you in the build of your sales & marketing policy ; policy adapted to the geographical territory you are targeting (positioning, pricing policy, sales & marketing tools, retail methods…).


PECAN Partners’ strength is to gather best expertise from the world of industry, engineering, marketing and business. 

We represent foreign companies in France, Germany and several other European countries.

We are able to conceive for your company a strategy of involvement in different market, covering commercial representation, but also marketing intelligence, market analysis, priority targets, elaboration or adaptation of sales and marketing tools.



At PECAN Partners, we believe in supporting your clients throughout the entire stages of the relationship with your business. 

Our geographical coverage close to your potential clients, mixed to our  knowledge of business modalities and cultural habits, make us your preferential partner.

Our commitment is to ensure the best quality of service to the clients that we will contract for you.

Contract negotiation

PECAN Partners’ consultants have extensive experience in high-level negotiation processes.

With the support of a experts’ team covering several areas of activities, such as engineering, manufacturing, marketing, purchasing, we will be ablr to build a team perfectly siezd for your issues.

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