The constant research for innovation, the improvement of your processes and the quality of your products is at the heart of the action of the experts of PECAN Partners. This is why, at PECAN Partners, we integrate the requirements of quality, from the R&D & conception phases of a product or a technology.

Our consultants are expert of the industry, are able to implement in our company, solutions adapted to your environment, in order to support and advise you in the conception of new products and new technologies, but also in improving the effciency of your organization, optimizing the use of your human and budgetary resources.


Innovation & R&D have become major challenges for companies.

PECAN PArtners is able to advise and support you in your strategy through:

  • Analyse & understand technological developments, production processes
  • Identify technologies that bring value and competitive advantage to your buisness
  • Anticipate customer demands and market trends
  • Identiify, transfer and apply best practices in other industries to your business and organization in engineering and production. 


  • Vehicle conception & development – Demonstrator building
  • Network of designers and coordination of their activity
  • Modeling and prototyping (clay, 3D printing, CAD)
  • Multidisciplinary brainstorming
  • Creativity & ideation, analysis of ideas and technological concepts
  • Management of innovation
  • Knowledge management
  • TRIZ / TIPS (Ideal Real Transition Method)
  • Value analysis