engineering & production

PECAN Partners offers a full range of expertise in the fields of engineering and production to large international companies, midcaps and SMEs. Mastering the value chain including the design, manufacturing processes, including continous improvement of your products.

The added value of PECAN Partners is to be able to support your specific projects, complex technological topics, prototyping phases for small and medium series. The competence and capacity of our consultants lies in being able to understand your organisation, identify its points of improvement, have a global and transversal vision of the processes and kown how to interact with all your collaborators and partners.


  • Technical vehicle development (sport cars, tourism and utility vehicles, electric vehicule and hydrogen propulsion vehicle)
  • Research & innovation
  • Intellectual proprety and patents
  • Calculations & simulations
  • Coordination of technical studies
  • Quality methodology
  • Calculs & simulations
  • Architecture & systems, controlled systems and architecture of automotive systems, electrical and electronic architecture, suspension, braking and ground connection, ADAS,, electrification, hybridization of the traction chain…


PECAN Partners brings together all the expertise in vehicle design and develoment from its partners

  • Hybrid & 100% electri vehicles, thermic to electric converion, hydrogen vehicle
  • Feasibility study – Technical solutions
  • Powertrain  / Ground connection / Suspension system
  • Vehicle dynamics modelling
  • Technical product optimization (QCD: Quality, Cost, Delay)
  • Comprehensive project management
  • Management of multicultural teams

technical CONCEPTION

Ground connection is one of the major areas of expertise of PECAN Partners. At the convergence of our know-how in the engineering, architecture and vehicle behaviour, suspensions, braking and tyres, we master all the stages from design to production.

Our experts come from PSA group (Peugeot, Citroen, DS, Opel – Stellantis ; Chrysler, Fiat, Jeep, alfa Roméo, Maserati, Dodge), ZF/TRW, Michelin. 

We will support you in your project of design, innovation, technical development, wether it is a passenger car, utility vehicle, truck, for special uses, such as defence, equipped with thermic propulsion, hybrid, 100% electric or equipped with fuel cell /hydrogen.

We know how to provide you the most effective solution to your issues.

Conception & specifications

PECAN Partners is able to put all its expertise at your service in the development of optimal specifications. Our know-how is based on decades within industrial groups, automotive equipment manufacturers, engineering, defence, and new mobilities companies.

The transversal vision, the analysis and the understanding of the organizational, functional, technological issues, allow us to advise you and support in the development of this essential phase of your projects or technical or product development, and all by integrating the complete analysis of your needs in terms of design, functionalities, but also those of end-users.

project management

Our multi-sectorial and multifunctional experience give us all the control necessary to optimize your resources, make the right choices in terms of processes and technologies, in order to optimize your budgets and means and reduce your costs. 

The complete and transversal understanding of automotive engineering and industrialization, gives to PECAN Partners’ experts a great competence in the elaboration of your project its management (PMO) and your projetc’s planning.

Design to cost

Conceiving a product according to a cost target and especially the clients’ needs, identified by specifications should be the rule in a company.

The philosophy based on the expertience of our experts, the mastery of many technologies and manufacturing processes, allows according to your objectifs, to make the right choices and compromises necessary to offer the most optimal solution at the initial cost set.


vehicle structure

traction chain / chassis/ Hybridation

ground connection -
passenger cars / agricultural / industrial vehicles

ADAS - driving assistance

hydraulics systems - technological breakthrough & innovation

electric utility vehicle - mooville / muses

Mooville / Muses clients